Maintenance Packages

When is the best time to get my gutters cleaned? What kind of filters should I use in my furnace? How and when do I flush my water heater? Who do I call in an emergency? Do I have water, mold or termites damaging areas of my home? Am I doing everything I should to protect my family and keep them healthy?

Let’s face it. Your home did not come with an owner’s manual. Complete Home Maintenance has maintenance packages to meet the needs of every household.

All Complete Home Maintenance packages give you one number to call for all your home maintenance and repair needs. You also receive our 24 hour emergency number for any problems that may arise. Included in our maintenance packages is a periodic condition analysis of your home. This allows us to find small problems and fix them before they become larger more costly problems. Houses today are not as easy to maintain as they were years ago. Homeowners these days do not have the tools, the time or the experience to properly care for today’s higher needs home.

Years of owning a construction and remodeling company have shown me that many of the high cost repairs homeowners pay for out of their pocket could have been avoided with routine maintenance and inspections.

We are more than just a company here to fix your problems.
We are here to help you avoid them in the first place.

Complete Home Maintenance’s comprehensive maintenance packages allow you to protect your home, your family and your investments. We make caring for your home simple and affordable. Before today you would have to call several different companies, get estimates, check references and insurance information. Now we personally maintain and repair your home and we are there 24/7 for any problems that may arise.

Through our Annual Maintenance Plans, we will maintain your home for you with regular visits throughout the year.  We take care of general maintenance and perform routine inspections, keeping your house — and your family — healthy.  If we find that a repair is required, you are referred to one of our pre-qualified service providers.

Annual Maintenance Plans include:

Clean and check gutters and downspouts.
Inspect plant growth around foundation.
Inspect foundation for cracks, crumbling mortar, or pest infestation.
Examine basement for water/moisture damage.
Clear debris from doorways, window wells, and storm drains.
Annually power wash deck, driveway and walks; inspect for cracks, breaks, or erosion.
Check fences and gates for ease of operation, condition of structure, and materials.
Annually power wash building exterior:
Check bricks for cracked mortar or loose joints.
Check siding for loose or missing pieces, lifting, warping, or signs of mildew.
Check painted surfaces for signs of paint failure (peeling, chipping, blistering, chalking), water damage and mildew.
Examine all trim for damage, or decay.

Check condition of caulking.
Check windows for cracked or broken glass, loose putty, holes in screens, and moisture.
Check operation of windows, doors, and locks.
Check weather-stripping on windows and doors for damage and air infiltration.
Inspect garage doors for loose bolts at rollers.
Check automatic garage door openers for safety reverse operation.

Inspect for tree branches that scrape or hang over the roof.
Check for curled, damaged, loose or missing shingles.
Examine all flashing on roof and penetrations (chimney, vent stacks, skylights).
Check chimney, vents and louvers for free air movement and remove birds nests and debris.
Check attic for adequate insulation and signs of roof leaks, mold, or pest infestation.

Check all ceilings and walls for cracks, loose or failing plaster, signs of leaks or stains, dirt and finish damage.
Check for odor or evidence of mold/mildew.
Check caulking and grout around bathtubs, sinks, and showers.

Inspect, trip, and reset all circuit breakers and GFCI outlets.
Annually inspect and clean clothes dryer vent to exterior.

Annually inspect and service heating and cooling systems.
Replace system filters every three months.
Clean duct work every other year.
Clean bathroom exhaust fan grills/blades.

Check shut-off valves and hose connections at sinks, toilets, laundry equipment, and main water line.
Inspect toilets for stability and leaks.
Check exposed gas lines for leaks.
Inspect and tighten garbage disposals.
Check and fill basement floor drains.
Check water heater for temperature, flame, soot stains, leakage or rust.
Annually flush water heater and test pressure relief valve.
Inspect sump pump operation and drainage to exterior every three months.

Test smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarms and replace batteries.
Check the fire extinguisher gauge for proper pressure.
Make certain outside security lighting is in good repair.
Test security system.